Cad cam

Precision and expertise

Your design, your preferences… CADCAM by ProScan makes it happen! From simple to complex structures, manufactured with the utmost precision in a wide variety of materials.

Based on more than 15 years of experience, ProScan provides high-end services combining dental expertise and continuous innovation. Through measurements of various implant brands, ProScan is able to create its own database and to offer customized work with unprecedented flexibility. With an open mind and knowledge extending far beyond one specific implant system, we are ready to take up any dental challenge.


To meet all your requirements when designing your work, ProScan goes further than the standard software packages, thereby forming the bridge between the dental and the industrial sector.  

You can also choose to make your own design and to outsource production to us. ProScan offers continuous individual support as regards scanning, design and production.


Some examples of our work:
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