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Docklocs from Medealis: what you need to know about this new attachment!

11 January 2021

The German company Medealis proves that the dental market is in constant evolution. With the launch of the Docklocs attachment, this relatively new but experienced player provides a powerful tool for dental professionals seeking high quality and flexibility in the construction of overdentures. An introduction in 6 steps.

1. Compatible with the biggest brands

With Locator from Zest Anchors, we already provide a renowned attachment system. By adding Docklocs to our product range, our offer is even more universal. We can now guarantee compatibility with the following implant platforms:

  • Altatec (Camlog range)
  • Bego
  • BioHorizons
  • Dentsply
  • Medentis
  • MegaGen
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Straumann
  • Zimmer Biomet

2. Patented coating

A ceramic coating reinforced with an extremely hard zirconium carbonitride layer ensures high abrasion and wear resistance of the attachment. This patented biocompatible coating in red-golden colour blends perfectly with the patient’s oral environment.

3. High-quality retention inserts in nylon and HPP

The Medealis attachment is available with two types of retention inserts: in nylon and in High Performance Plastic (HPP). Besides the well-known advantages of the standard nylon inserts, HPP scores high in terms of:

  • absorption: HPP has a low tendency to absorb water;
  • protection: high resistance to chemicals, grease and alcohol-based disinfectants;
  • longevity: HPP inserts last longer than the nylon version because of their very high hardness.

4. Angled abutments for extra flexibility

The abutments with 18° angulation allow to correct divergences between implants of up to 65°. Until now, this was limited to divergences of up to 20°. Another asset in the treatment of more complex cases.

5. No additional tools required

Besides the tri-lobe drive mechanism, the Docklocs attachment features a 1.25 mm hex drive screw. This allows the practitioner to use conventional dental instruments for attachment fixation.

6. Something for the eye

Last but not least, the Docklocs Attachment System includes retention housings of high-quality (aesthetic) finish with minimum width. Made of premium medical-grade titanium, with or without anodised surface.

Has Docklocs caught your interest?

ProScan has recently become the official distributor of the Medealis Docklocs attachment. Would you like additional (technical) information about this product or do you want to take a closer look at this material or make a purchase? Don’t hesitate to contact our denticians.