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Densah bur kit: a golden match with all implants in the market

21 January 2021

With the Densah bur kit, Versah – specialist in dental drilling techniques – provides the perfect tool for dental professionals for high-performance and non-invasive osteotomy preparations, sinus lifts and ridge expansions. The innovative and comprehensive kit includes 12 universal burs – in varying diameters – for optimum flexibility in patient treatment.

Revolutionary bone preservation

The Densah bur kit stands for innovation. The Versah burs are designed to be used for osseodensification and high-precision cutting. Clinicians only need one bur kit to perform multiple treatments. Both densifying and cutting mode are used with external irrigation.

Golden quality

The gold-coloured burs not only have a high-quality appearance, they are of very high quality. The depth markings from 3-20 mm and diameters from 2-5.5 mm provide a wide range to achieve the desired osteotomy diameter without causing additional tissue deformation and damage. This facilitates faster healing for your patient and offers you as a clinician greater flexibility and ease of use.

Combination with universal guides

The burs of the Densah bur kit can be used with a universal guide system, consisting of a G-Stop Gauge and Key and a C-Guide Sleeve. They provide additional control and ultimate precision during the surgical procedure.

The Densah bur kit is standard supplied with the following components:

  • Tapered pilot drill
  • Parallel (XL) pins
  • Universal bur holder

How to use the Densah bur kit?

Our denticians are fully familiar with the various Versah bur systems. We can therefore provide targeted advice about their specific applications and modes of operation. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Discover their products in our webshop. Or consult their product brochure.