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Elos Accurate products: get the most out of your digital workflow

12 August 2020

Relatively new in our product range are the dental components of Elos Accurate, including interfaces, scan bodies and analogues. This brand has already earned its stripes all over the world. For you as a practitioner, Elos Accurate products offer everything you need to guarantee a successful semi- or fully digital workflow.

What do Elos Accurate products stand for?

The Swedish company Elos Accurate – division of the Elos Medtech group – has been part of our product portfolio since 2017. The brand is mainly known for its:

  • high-end interfaces, analogues and scan bodies;
  • open digital workflow;
  • compatibility with various implant platforms;
  • angled screw channel possibilities.

Open platform for greater efficiency

Whether you start from an intra- or extraoral scan, you can upload any digital impression into your software. Moreover, Elos Accurate has an extensive library supported by most open CAD/CAM software programs.

In addition, their universal components are compatible with most common implant platforms in the market.

Practitioners therefore benefit from a considerable gain of time and substantial cost savings, especially when outsourcing production. And the risk of errors is kept to a minimum.

elos accurate Elos Accurate is known for its high-end interfaces, analogues and scan bodies.

Why we choose Elos Accurate?

All major dental players in the market are using Elos Accurate. Because a customised dental restoration should be a convenience for both you and your patient, and that begins with the widest variety of high-end solutions in an open workflow. This makes your work more accurate, safer, faster and more cost-effective, while gaining new product knowledge in the process.

Buy your Elos Accurate products via our webshop

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