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Elos scan body: ultimate precision with a golden edge

05 October 2020

With the Elos scan body, perfection is close at hand when designing and producing custom dentures. The scan body or flag can be used by the practitioner for intraoral scanning or for scanning the model at the lab.

No room for error

Visualising the patient’s oral situation in as much detail as possible seems to be self-evident, but this is certainly not always the case. Various factors can lead to a distorted and therefore inaccurate image of the patient’s teeth.

One of the most common obstacles is an incomplete scan. In other words, certain parts of the mouth are not visible on the scan. Not only the manual technique used by the dental professional plays an important role here, but also the quality of the scan body.

The accuracy of intraoral scans can also be affected by humidity. The reflection of saliva, for instance, may result in an incorrect image of the element(s) near the scan body.

But even apart from these factors, or the fact that the scan is made intra- or extraorally: a high-quality scan body is the best guarantee to locate the exact position of the implant or abutment in the larger restorative context.

Exact position

This is exactly why we are very much in favour of the Elos scan body. These bodies or flags are compatible with most major implant systems and they are placed directly on the implant or abutment.

The high-grade titanium and PEEK body and small screw channel allow for high-precision scanning. The result: the exact position, height, angle and rotation of the implant or abutment handed to you on a platter!

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Open library, open workflow

The scans can be opened with 3Shape, Dental Wings and exocad software, paving the way for a fully digital workflow in combination with the open digital library of Elos Accurate.

The scan bodies can be reused multiple times, for example by the dentist and the dental technician.

Order your Elos scan bodies from ProScan

Elos products no longer hold any secrets for us. Do you want to invest in Elos scan bodies or are you also interested in other products from their range? Take a look in our webshop.

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