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“We provide end-to-end solutions for every dental player in the market”

23 July 2020

In 2020, Intellident has entered the dental market as a new brand. Deeply rooted in the expertise and experience of their colleagues at ProScan, they continue to optimise custom dental restorations for both dental professionals and their patients. A necessary step to bring the chain closer together. Karen and Gert Mullens, second generation within the family business, present their joint vision of the future.  

Always a suitable in-house solution

Whereas ProScan’s goal in the early years was to get dental labs on the path towards digitisation, the focus today is even more ambitious: to form the missing piece of the puzzle in any dental workflow.

We therefore decided to market ProScan and Intellident as two unique brands: ProScan as distributor of standard implant systems and dental components, Intellident for digital creations and tailor-made services.

Sharing knowledge with the chain

As a dental professional, you will get a better insight into our various services. Moreover, the expertise and experience of our denticians allow us to enter the dental process at any time to help both practitioner and patient quickly and efficiently. And to share our knowledge with the whole chain.

Take a look inside our offices

Since images – especially in our sector – speak louder than words, we will gladly show you what our denticians are doing. Do you want to make an appointment and visit us? Or do you have any questions for us? Send us an e-mail at or