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Children of the Okavango: 1 trip to Africa, 2 worlds

30 June 2022

Africa is close to the co-founder of ProScan, Guy Mullens’ heart. During his most recent seven-day trip to South-Africa for the SICON2022, he and his partner decided to explore the continent a little further. Together, they halted in a small village in Botswana where one incidental encounter led to a magnificent collaboration.

Hello Sonny!

At ProScan, we try and give lives a positive twist on a daily basis. We mainly achieve this with our expertise in dental components and digital workflows. But every now and again, other wonderful stories cross our paths, even of many thousands of kilometres away.

When Guy Mullens decided to plan another trip to the Southern Implants congress in Pretoria, he ended up in the gorgeous Okavango delta in Botswana. This country had been on his bucket list for quite some time, as was the impressing 15.000km² delta area.

During his transit, he came into contact with Sonny, his guide during his stay in the grasslands. A young, dynamic personality, very much involved in the local community in the Okavango region who would tell passionate tales of his fellow-villagers and especially of the school-going youth.

Guide Sonny

Shoulders to the wheel of the future

What emerged was an excellent understanding that quickly grew into a project involving the local school-aged children. Brand new school uniforms, shoes and school supplies were provided to ensure that the children would be able to attend school in all comfort for the next year.

The logistics side of the project – that was given the name ‘Children of the Okavango’ – was in the capable hands of Sonny himself. Together with a few local community members, he swiftly managed to purchase and divide the materials in the local school. Much to the delight of the children.

Both parties look back on a fruitful and thankful collaboration, which is clearly demonstrated in the pictures you see below.